J. Michael Koomey, Ph.D.

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DepartmentDepartment of Molecular Biosciences
InstitutionUniversity of Oslo
AddressKristine Bonneveis hus, Room 3120
 P.O. Box 1041 Blindern
 0316 Oslo
City, State, ZipNORWAY
Phone(47) 22854091
Research FieldMicrobial Pathogenesis
Award Year1989


The main research interests of the Koomey Group lie in studies of the molecular and cell biology of microbial pathogenesis, that is the study of how bacterial pathogens cause disease in man. The intention is that by understanding the molecular basis for these processes, it will be possible to design rational approaches to preventing and controlling disease. Our research is focused on studies of bacterial surface organelles termed Type IV pili (Tfp) or fimbriae.
These structures are expressed by an immense number of microorganisms of medical, environmental and industrial importance. Together, Tfp expressing bacterial pathogens are responsible for an extensive amount of morbidity and mortality worldwide. In addition to their association with colonization and disease, Tfp are involved in autoagglutination (self-aggregation), twitching motility (a nonflagellar means of cellular locomotion associated with organelle retraction) and DNA uptake during natural transformation.
Because of the limited genetic complexity of N. gonorrhoeae and the availability of efficient means for genetic analyses and manipulation, we have chosen this organism as a model system to study the molecular biology and biological significance of these structures.


1989 Scholars


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