Erin M. Schuman, Ph.D.

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TitleProfessor and Director
DepartmentDepartment of Synaptic Plasticity
InstitutionMax Planck Institute for Brain Research
Addressc/o MPI Biophysiks
 Max von Laue Strasse 3
 60438 Frankfurt aM Main
City, State, ZipGERMANY
Phone+49 69 506 820 1000
Research FieldNeurobiology
Award Year1995


We are doing research on basic mechanisms in the brain: How is information processed in the brain? How do Synapses change during the storage of memory the technical term for which is synaptic plasticity. And what happens during these processes at the molecular and cellular level? Our primary focus is research on the hippocampus, a structure known to be important for memory in both humans and animals.


1995 Scholars


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