Barbara L. Golden, Ph.D.

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TitleAssociate Professor
DepartmentDepartment of Biochemistry
InstitutionPurdue University
AddressBCHM 319
 175 South University Street
City, State, ZipWest Lafayette, IN 47907-2063
Phone(765) 496-6165
Research FieldBiochemistry
Award Year2000


The focus of our research is the structure and folding of functional RNAs. Unlike proteins, RNAs have a highly charged backbone, only 4 different monomeric units (compared to the 20 amino acids that make up proteins) and functional groups that are largely sequestered within the major and minor grooves of the double helix. Yet, in the presence of magnesium ion, many RNA molecules have stable, globular, tertiary structures that support biological catalysis. To understand how these molecules fold and function, we are investigating the structure and function of these RNA molecules using biochemistry, molecular biology and X-ray crystallography.


2000 Scholars


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