Mary Gehring, Ph.D.

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TitleMember and Assistant Professor
DepartmentDepartment of Biology, MIT
InstitutionWhitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Address9 Cambridge Center
City, State, ZipCambridge, MA 02142
Phone(617) 324-0343
Research FieldEpigenetics and Genomics
Award Year2011


Epigenetics refers to heritable information that influences genome function but is not encoded in the DNA. A properly patterned epigenome is critical for developmental and reproductive success in a diverse array of organisms. We use genetic, genomic, and molecular biology approaches to study aspects of epigenomic reprogramming during plant reproduction primarily in the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana. We are pursuing an understanding of seeds at the epigenomic level from gamete specification to seed maturity by integrating data from genome-wide DNA methylation, RNA, and chromatin profiling experiments. We are particularly focused on the interplay among repetitive sequences, DNA methylation, and chromatin structure to understand epigenomic reprogramming in the context of a whole organism.


2011 Scholars


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